Saller Group

The Saller Group is an active project developer in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia involved in planning building, long-term rental, maintenance, care and expansion of commercial real estates. The Group also provides support for specialty shopping centers and shopping malls from the management of those centers to a range of services.

We are partner for successful trading companies and industrial concerns and also medium-sized enterprises, which are searching for areas for rent in order to expand regionally. Our co-partners are aiming at many top addresses of European traders, Industrial and IT concerns.

Our company combines innovative ideas and products in promising real estate concepts and grows for years at double-digit percentage. Our everyday conduct is determined by the motto “Just do it, keep it simple!”. While implementing the strategies we are fast and target-oriented. We identify ourselves with our company and are dedicated to our work. This makes us in all respects a reliable business partner.

As a real estate proprietor we are committed to sustainable extension of our portfolio. We are continuously in search of building plots, project packages and completed properties. We are successful, committed to achieving sustainable, long-term results with the help of our working system. Fast decision-making procedures, simple and systematic workflows ensure the success.


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